Meat tranformation, Meat transformation and production company

Meat company

Jubatti, a brand which through years and generations, has always respected traditions and the quality of its meat.

Guaranteed Deliciousness

Today, as in the past, with an always modern approach and constant confrontation with the professional experts, as well as trade sector and consumers, we are able to guarantee the goodness and authenticity of our products.

The ability to adapt classical specialties to contemporary tastes and needs, the research and selection of the raw materials, the choice to work in a healthy environment like Abruzzo’s Parks are paramount ingredients.

Environment friendly

Surrounded by an uncontaminated nature, at the foot of Majella, our Company follows at every single stage of the productive chain the times and rhythms of the habitat in which it is located, with an environment and animal friendly aptitude.

One of the paramount tenets of Jubatti Company’s policy is maintaining high standards through a control of the productive cycle: from livestock supply, to processing, from the equipment of safe and cutting edge technologies, to the care for distribution.

Natural Meat

As a consequence of our experience and passion, the core of our mission is our consumers’ health, the nutritional properties of our products and the search for environment friendly solutions. This is why no artificial colouring or preservatives are added.

This is another reason why Jubatti is a meat company appreciated for food safety, transparency, reliability, and authenticity of tastes.