Meat quality and certification - Soalca, meat manufacture industry


Quality is paramount in Jubatti Group’s policy.

Our guarantee of reliability, since the origins of the Company, has been a constant element sustained by the goodness of the products, as well as by the certifications issued by independent agencies. Through strict professional controls, these agencies certify the origin of the heads and of the raw materials, the well-being of the animals, the supply chain of the product, the processes (from production to distribution), the traceability, and the compliance with nutritional and health requirements, both in the production and distribution sectors.

Jubatti Group’s certifications

  • italialleva

    Certification which guarantees the provenance and quality of animal products.
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  • IGP
    Cooperative which protects the Standard Central Apennine White Baby Beef.

    Certification which guarantees the provenance of the meat in compliance with the Production Regulation of the protected geographical indication.

  • brn
    BRC Global Standard

    International certification plan, aimed at the standardization of processes, compliance with quality, safety, operational criteria, and private producers’ fulfilment of laws.
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  • IFS
    IFS Food

    IFS certification aims at promoting the safety, legality, and quality of Private Brands’ food products, complying with the audit standards internationally set for consumers’ safety.

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Meat Traceability

Jubatti Group’s care for its customers has grown: Soalca, besides complying with the regulation on meat traceability (law in force in Europe since 2005, aimed at specifying all the stages of meat processing, enabling to trace every single animal from its pasture or farm to sale), has optionally chosen to undergo (in compliance with EC Regulation n. 1760/2000) strict periodical controls carried out by the Ministry for Agricultural and Forestry Policies (Mipaaf).

Indeed, our Company has been authorized by Mipaaf to indicate additional information in its labels, thus offering more guarantees and transparency on the origin and quality of the meat, as well as on the proper management of the supply chain, from farm to sale.

Analysis Laboratory

Jubatti Group’s plant is equipped with cutting edge technologies and an analysis laboratory of paramount importance to guarantee the health and safety of both the food products and the workplaces, offering an excellent qualitative standard both to Organized Distribution and to final customers.

In compliance with the proper HACCP procedure, controls of the incoming raw material, of end products, of the packaging, and of the workplaces in which the meat is processed are daily carried out.