Meat manufacturing : Meat manufacture industry

Supply chain

Always aiming at offering the greatest quality, Jubatti Group’s companies work with strong rigour in order to guarantee that each stage of the supply chain is properly carried out:


Farms are of paramount importance; after a careful selection, Jubatti monitors its farms and constantly controls the diet and well being of the animals, establishing a relation of esteem and trust with the farmers.


Also in the butcher’s shops, every stage of the putting down of the animals is checked, as well as the conditions of transport of the meat, paying particular attention to the respect of the cold chain. When in the plant, the meat undergoes a careful suitability assessment, before being processed (boning-portioning-packaging). During the processing stages, the parameters of hygiene, temperature, and quality of the raw material are constantly checked.


Our wide Company’s fleet undergoes a constant monitoring of its temperature in order to guarantee the highest standards of quality and safety until delivery to the points of sale.