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Certified meat

When dealing with certified meat, certifications guaranteeing the quality of the product, from its origin to provenance, farming care, processing, and safety controls are usually referred to. Jubatti’s products offer a guarantee of highest quality and have obtained several certifications from independent agencies. Jubatti offers A.I.A.Italialleva Brand – certified meat, guaranteeing the provenance of animal products. This agency certifies the Italianity of the product which ends up on the consumers’ table. Our farmers are able to guarantee the quality of every product and processing method. As for the meat certified as PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), Jubatti’s certified product is the Central Apennines White Baby Beef. Its label indicates and regulates the geographical area of production of the meat, its production, as well as the diet and butchering of the animals. Besides the territorial indications, Jubatti offers BRC Food certified meat, an international certification guaranteeing the producers’ respect for the quality and the compliance with the laws. IFS Food – International Featured Standards – is a further international certification.

The quality of Jubatti’s certified meat is also guaranteed through a careful control of the traceability of the meat in compliance with the laws in force. This allows to control all the stages of the processing of the product and to monitor every single animal, from pasture to sale. As regards health and safety controls, Jubatti has set an analysis laboratory in its plant with cutting edge technologies in order to guarantee every production process both to the customer and to Great Organized Distribution.