Danish meat

Danish meat

Danish meat is one of the most appreciated and widespread meats in the world, for its pleasant flavour and right proportion between intramuscular fat and meat, characterized by a fiery red colour.

The most appreciated breeds of cattle are the Danish Red and the Holstein (bred by the Wadden sea in keeping with traditional methods), dating back to 1000 years ago.

Moreover, Danish meat undergoes particular butchery processes, guaranteed by Denmark: the veterinarians attending the growth and butchery of the cattle are civil servants.

Cuts and uses of the Danish meat

To obtain a good meat a careful selection of the heads is necessary: we prefer cattle born, bred, fed, and butchered exclusively in Denmark, thus guaranteeing an excellent yield and an extraordinary tastiness.

The good level of fibre, or marbling, of our Danish meat results in a unique tenderness and an unmistakable flavour. The best cut to appreciate our Danish meat at its best is the fillet, the choice and finest cut, besides the most tender, juicy and lean. The Danish meat fillet is cut from the lumbar part of the cattle: muscles which, because of their position, do not work much and then result into a softer and tastier meat.

The anterior part of the Danish meat fillet is best suitable for steaks to be fast grilled, while the central part and the final part prove perfect to obtain medallions and stewballs respectively. If barbecued, Danish meat does not require much dressing or spices, extra-virgin olive oil and pepper will suffice to bring out its flavour.