Made in italy meat

100 Italian meat

A tricolour profile and four “i”s to guarantee a 100% Italian meat:

  • Animals born in Italy;
  • bred in Italy;
  • butchered in Italy;
  • selected in Italy.


Thanks to these parameters, scrupulously respected, Jubatti is able to offer a highest quality meat, guaranteeing to its consumers its traceability along the whole supply chain: from the birth of the animals to their sale.

Only 100% Italian meat, from birth to butchery.

Learning to read the labels on the packaging is necessary to be sure of the quality and of the “Made in Italy” of a product: labels indicate the compulsory information which allow to become aware buyers of beef:


  • Identification number of the head;
  • Butchery place: “Butchered in Italy – EC identification N°”;
  • Cutting place: “Cut in Italy – EC identification N°”;
  • State of birth;
  • State of fattening;
  • State of butchering.

Besides the compulsory information, it is possible to supply optional information which may be helpful, such as:


  • Business logo;
  • Name of point of sale;
  • Company name of the farm;
  • Type of stalling;
  • Duration of farming (days);
  • Generic type of head;
  • Progressive number of butchery;
  • Date of birth;
  • Date of butchery;
  • Weight of purchased meat;
  • Category;
  • Conformation of carcass;
  • State of fattening;
  • MIPAF Authorization number of labelling regulation.

The guarantee of a correct labelling, with precise and understandable information, is a producer’s duty; the consumer is becoming more and more demanding and keen on knowing what he/she is going to eat, especially in the case of 100% Italian meat.