Packed meat

Packed meat

From the traditional production of our territory’s products to the extension of our business with an eye to the great markets, also international, Jubatti’s packed meat has been a byword for excellent quality for generations.

A wide selection of products, from meat on the bone, to vaccum packed and  protective or modified atmosphere (MAP) packed meat, to the line of restaurant products Horeca, Jubatti has always been identified with its territory. Fine packed meat coming from Abruzzo’s parks and bred – in keeping with the local tradition  – on grass, grain, and corn. Products with typical geographical origin, like Abruzzo’s lamb or the Central Apennine White Baby Beef, packed meat of PGI Marche breed, appreciated for their inimitable taste, nutritious properties and high digestibility. Among the most appreciated products, Jubatti’s Apericena, a line of products ready to be cooked in few minutes like girandole with beef and pork meat, prepared with fresh rocket and puff pastry, rustici and rotolini stuffed with meat.

Among our packed meat, we also recommend the products packed through skinpack method: a thin film wraps the product and keeps its taste perfectly preserving its organoleptic properties. This modern packaging method, properly devised for both our customers and the great distribution, allows to keep the meat tender as long as possible and to guarantee a stronger resistance to external manipulation and a smaller storage space. Moreover, among Jubatti’s exclusive services, a tailor-made service for packed meat with personalized cuts and portions. It is a MAP packaging which is carried out introducing sterile air with controlled levels of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide into the packaging. This process guarantees a high level of steadiness to the meat and a better preservation.

To Horeca customers – hoteliers, and catering services – Jubatti is able to offer an exclusive service with packed meats with selected ingredients. In this way, Jubatti can improve its offer to the customers and be always properly supplied to prepare both traditional and more elaborate dishes.  

A thorough personalization of orders which may best suit one’s demands can be requested, both with an eye to sale optimization  and waste limitation.