ATP Meat Jubatti - Meat in protective atmosphere

Map meat

Carni ATM
Carni ATM

MAP – modified atmosphere – packaging allows to introduce a mixture of sterile air, modified in its levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, into the tubs of the products. The use of these gases grants a longer stability to the organoleptic properties of the meat as well as a longer preservability.

This preservation method allows to maintain an excellent meat for 8/10 days, without affecting its original taste and freshness. Even so, we are all the more interested in the quality of the raw material; we select only the best meat thus offering exclusively first-choice products.

MAP Meat – Protected deliciousness

Soalca’s MAP meat is characterized by a quality steadiness which is very hard to find with this kind of products, a reliability so well known by experts that prestigious brands of organized distribution have chosen our Company as sole supplier. Soalca is also able to offer a tailor-made service, based on a complete personalization of cuts, portions, packaging, and labelling.

A wide range of MAP meat – from original meat to ready to cook products prepared with skill and fantasy – is available.

With its undisputed quality and lasting preservation, the following brands guarantee great satisfactions in terms of appeal and sales:

  • Jubatti Tradizionalmente
  • Carni La Carne del Parco
  • Brava Nonna