Scottona meat


Scottona is the young female bovine, under 16 months of age. This animal has never been pregnant and is characterized by a good muscular growth.

The quality and goodness of the meat usually depend on the diet of the animal, but gender is also important. The meat of the female bovine is always softer, tastier and more succulent than the male’s meat, which is naturally more stringy. Hanging is also necessary to guarantee an excellent meat – hanging being the process of aging which makes meat more tender and, most of all, tastier (the hanging duration for red meats is 30/40 days).

Scottona – Tasty and tender meat

Scottona is a refined meat, characterized by a succulent flavour and special tenderness. For this reason, Jubatti chose this meat as its fine line of products, best suited to be roasted and barbecued.

This particular type of meat is characterized by thin veins of fat in its muscles, called “marbling”, which melt when the meat is cooked, making the meat even tastier and more tender.

Scottona meat is highly recommended to all lovers of red meat, perfect to be tasted on the griddle or grilled; it keeps all its taste with medium/short cooking times.

Jubatti’s scottona meat has a unique flavour and texture!