With the arrosticino, ambassadors of Abruzzo in Fico Eataly World

FICO, an acronym for Fabbrica Italiana Contadina (Italian Farmer’s Factory), is the largest agricultural and food park in the world, with 10 hectares of land and 150 Italian food companies involved.

This Disneyland of Italian food, based in Bologna, chose Jubatti Carni, as an Abruzzo historian working in Majella since 1945, to let an international audience discover what, even from ancient origins, is considered the street food of the future: the ARROSTICINO.

A shop exclusively assigned to the original “Rostelle” that we prepare with sheep meat of selected breed and processed according to ancient techniques, cook on the grill as per tradition on the "channel".

The arrosticino menus and the Abruzzo experience are completed by the artisan bread soaked in extra virgin olive oil and the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo wine!


Historical Jubatti Butcher Shop

Since 1945, in the heart of the ancient village of Guardiagrele (CH), where everything was created for the Jubatti Group, our butcher's shop offers a refined selection of local Abruzzi beef, pork and sheep meats.

Where to find our products

Soalca distributes its meat throughout the country having agreements with the major brands of the large-scale distribution.