Meat Company

Soalca, unlike meat processing companies which follow industrial production standards, offers "customized" products, services and packaging solutions that meet the different needs and strategies for each customer of the DO (Organized Distribution) , GDO(Large-Scale Distribution), Cash and Carry channels and Normal Trade.

Thanks to our efficient method, which includes both industrial pace and artisan production, as well as a production factory equipped with innovative systems and state-of-the-art machinery, we can guarantee the following:

  • Just-in-time order management
  • Customized processing and packaging
  • Jubatti Carni labels and distributor private label
  • Mixed boxes and pick and choose options
  • Creation and management of customized meat production chains and private branding.

Jubatti Carni is a brand that has been handed down from generation to generation and has been operating since 1945. Based in the heart of Majella National Park in Abruzzo, it respects tradition and quality in order to guarantee the transparency, reliability   and authenticity of its products.

The experience of more than 70 years in the meat processing sector allows us to offer handmade products with personalized recipes and nomenclature. We take inspiration from the characteristics of the entire national territory.

  • We combine classic specialities  with modern tastes and lifestyles.

  • We do not use colourants or added preservatives.

  • We pay close attention to the  nutritional aspect, as well as the selection of the best raw materials and the study of low environmental impact solutions.

  • We work in an uncontaminated environment, in the heart of Majella National Park, respecting the habitat that welcomes us and the animals.

  • We maintain high standards, with total control of the production cycle.

  • We develop innovative solutions in terms of services, products and packaging, which are designed according to the customer needs.

History of an Italian company

  • 1945 - The Origins

    Gabriela Francescucci, mother of Gianfranco and Carlo Jubatti, opens the first butcher shop in the historic centre of Guardiagrele (CH)

  • Late 50's

    Opening of a second butcher shop in Guardiagrele (CH)

  • 70's

    Acquisition of a new site for the supply and distribution of wholesale meat. Becomes Abruzzo region's leader for the white meat market.

  • 80's

    The “Carlo and Gianfranco Jubatti S.n.c.” is founded with a new owned factory, which specialises in the processing and sale of beef and pork. The business grows together with its number of partners.

  • In 1996

    Soalca S.r.l. is created with a meat processing factory in the heart of Majella National Park in Pretoro. This is the moment in which the Jubatti family takes starts a business venture in the Meat Processing Industry for the Large Organized Distribution.

  • In the 2000's

    Soalca begins to cross regional borders and establishes a joint venture (currently 100% owned) with Molteni Carni: Italian Meat Centro S.r.l., with the aim of serving the main national retail brands, and guaranteeing commercial coverage of local specialities on a large scale.

  • ...always in the 2000's

    The third generation family business begins to extend its trade in a complimentary area. This is how Gieffe S.r.l. was created as an independent company, which, with a wide and varied fleet of vehicles, is in charge of transporting the merchandise to the points of sale. Over time, Gieffe has evolved and begun to take care of the industrial machinery maintenance service.

  • ...still in the 2000's

    Soalca S.r.l. sells meat with its own brand “Jubatti Carni” and also with the “Private Label” of the main distributors for large-scale distribution in Italy, standing out especially for innovations in terms of product and packaging.

  • 2010

    The love for Abruzzo and the desire to invest in its own territory is strong. Villa Estea, an ancient noble hunting residence of the D'Avalos family located on the Trabocchi Coast, was acquired in 2010. The restructuring and marketing strategy make it a charming place for exclusive events.

  • In 2013

    The passage is towards the mountain, precisely on the Majella. The ski facilities of “Mamma Rosa Funivie” become part of what can now be called the “Jubatti Group”. In addition to managing the station, the Jubatti family manages the refreshment points with their typical local meats, which represent the excellence as ‘La Carne del Parco’, the PGI meats and the Organic ones.

  • In 2017

    In 2017, "FICO Eataly World" (Italian Farmer’s Factory) was created in Bologna: a huge theme park which aims to describe and improve the excellence of typical Italian production through direct experience. With this mission, Soalca S.r.l.* is selected as ambassador of Abruzzo and the street food of the future: the Arrosticino (typical Abruzzese dish, made of chunks of castrated lamb's meat). With the trademark Jubatti Carni, a kiosk is opened where you can taste the typical Abruzzo lamb skewers, cooked in the same place and as usual on the grill.

  • In 2018

    Soalca, together with the company “Vicentini Carni S.p.a.” (specialized in cattle breeding and slaughtering), took over the activities of the company Molteni Carni, in Ghemme (NO), Piedmont, and constitutes the joint venture “Juvica S.r.l.”, a decisive step for the sale and distribution to the main food market players, both at a national and European level.

The Group

The Jubatti Group, which has grown over the years without losing sight of its origins and respect for tradition, has been designed to diversify activities to learn how to compete quickly and efficiently in the markets and offer the best specialization in each sector where it is present.

Carlo e Gianfranco Iubatti & C. sas

Our parent company is owned by the Jubatti family, which provides administrative and marketing services to all Group companies and coordinates the function of developing and researching new products, a key topic of the company's philosophy.

Soalca srl

The company that manages the factory in Abruzzo, Pretoro (CH), where production takes place. From the selection of suppliers, farms and meats, to processing in the modern factory and packaging.

Gieffe srl

This company makes it possible for us to transport the goods via a network to the points of sale in a timely manner.

Italian Meat Centro srl

This company expresses the Group's innovative vocation and ability to fit into emerging market scenarios. Created from the need of a large-scale distribution to refer to suppliers capable of ensuring commercial coverage at a national level, guaranteeing typical product processing at a local level. Consistent quality over time, safety and total reliability become “certainties” for large retailers and consumers.

Juvica srl

The result of an equal joint venture - in which the strong expertise of Soalca S.r.l. is combined, in the selection and processing of meat, with the experience of Vicentini Carni S.p.A. regarding slaughtering and breeding, in which attention is paid to all stages of the animal life. This company, which operates in the Ghemme factory (NO) in Piedmont, is able to serve the northern Italy market and the national market quickly, efficiently and with the highest product quality standards, ensuring the entire chain of certified meats.

Estea S.r.l. e Mamma Rosa Funivie S.r.l.

 These companies - which are responsible for the Villa Estea management, a  location for exclusive events on the Trabocchi Coast and the management of the Majelletta WE ski facilities on the eastern side of Majella National Park - evidence the commitment of the Jubatti Group to invest in the Abruzzo region with excellent facilities and services.

Our Brands

Aimed at the Trade and Consumer channels, the range of Jubatti products has the following guiding values: Quality, Taste, Tradition and Innovation. In fact, meat research, cuts, recipes and packaging are followed with care, even the smallest details are considered in order to always maintain the best standards and maximum safety for consumers.

Quality come first

The guarantee of reliability, since the start of the company, is a constant element supported by the goodness of the products. However, this is also guaranteed by certifications provided by independent bodies, which, with strict professional controls, certify the origin of the garments and raw materials, animal welfare, product chain and processes (from production to distribution), traceability, compliance with nutritional requirements and health and hygiene standards in both production environments and distribution systems.

Production Chain

The Jubatti Group companies work with great rigour, in order to always offer the highest quality, so that each stage of the supply chain is implemented correctly.


The first attention goes to the farms; Jubatti does not limit itself to selecting them, but above all to control them and constantly verify the feeding and welfare of the animals, establishing a relationship of esteem and trust with the farmers.


Even in slaughterhouses, all the different stages of the animal slaughter and the meat transport conditions are verified, with particular attention to respecting the cold chain. In the factory, the meat undergoes a careful suitability assessment before proceeding to the processing stages (boning-portioning-packaging) during which parameters such as hygiene, temperature, quality of the raw material are constantly verified.


The company's large fleet is subject to continuous temperature monitoring to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety until delivery to the point of sale.


In addition to the production sector, the Jubatti Group has developed an area dedicated to distribution so that they can guarantee customers a constant supply, the certainty of delivery times in a short period, the freshness of the products and supply customization.

The expertise developed over the years in the distribution service, together with a large fleet of vehicles, now allows the Group to act with maximum responsiveness and timeliness, in order to efficiently meet the demands of individual customers, from local to national level, complying with the pace of their activities.

In fact, goods are delivered within 12/24 hours from receipt of the order through distribution platforms or direct classification. The operators served are:

  • Organized Distribution (DO)
  • Large-Scale Distribution (GDO)
  • Cash & Carry
  • HO.RE.CA.
  • Supermarkets and mini-markets
  • Traditional butchers