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Originals from Abruzzo!

Arrosticini, “Rustelle” in dialect (from the verb to roast), are skewers made of meat from specific breeds of sheep and processed following the typical tradition in Abruzzo: the skinny meat is alternated with fat, that melting, smokes the skewer and keeps it tender, giving it a rich flavor and a unique aroma.


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Arrosticini were born in the early 1900s, as salvaged meat from the transhumants flocks.
The sheeps that got injured during the travel, were butched on site by the shepherds. The meat, cut into small cubes, was pierced with some small wooden branches and cooked using the coals.The result is a delicious product of itinerant peasant cooking, today a great streetfood!


How to cook and taste the typical Abruzzo skewers

Cooked, without using open flames, with the appropriate grill, they are rotated for 5 min and salted just at the end of cooking. The best way to eat them is with Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine and homemade bread enriched with EVO oil.