Production line

Meats Skinpack

Fresh meat for longer with revolutionary packaging technology

The Skinpack is the new frontier of meat packaging that allows you to:

  • Keep the meat fresh for a longer time (up to about 3 weeks in the refrigerator), without adding gas to the package
  • Continue the normal process of meat maturation through the thin protective film used, which makes it even more tender and juicy
  • Freeze the product (within the expiry date) and use it a long time after purchase (thaw at room temperature is recommended)
  • Reduce the encumbrances for transport, storage for large-scale distribution, and conservation in home refrigerators
  • Increase the space for in-depth study and communication for the end customer
  • See and touch the cut closely in 3D
  • Confer greater resistance to the casing
  • Respect the environment: because they are 100% recyclable and 70% less plastic than traditional packaging methods

Meat skins - The range

In order to guarantee the safety and to protect the longevity of the high quality meat, Jubatti has adopted a packaging method halfway between the protective atmosphere and the vacuum: the Skinpack with the Hybrid flat 3d.
The range of meats packaged in skinpacks is wide and ranges from traditional cuts to the most innovative lines:

Jubatti Line "History and Nature of Abruzzo"
Organic Meat Line
P.G.I. Meat Lines (Agnello del Centro Italia e Vitellone Bianco dell'Appenino Centrale Razza Marchigiana)
Barbecue Burgers